Volunteer for KSTO!

Hello KSTO,

This is Jonah, KSTO President, with an opportunity for you to help out your theatre organization. We have received an offer to volunteer at the all-campus Career Fair to make some money for our organization. By volunteering, you would help KSTO in funding more fun and engaging events throughout the year.

Send me an email (at jkericson@ksu.edu) with the following:
1. Your name
2. Your (expected) availability from 11am-5pm on September 19 (Tue), 20 (Wed), and 21 (Thu)
3. The total number of hours you would be willing to volunteer

Additionally, this event is in Bramlage Coliseum, and you would need to coordinate transportation to and from the coliseum.

Have a lovely day,
Jonah Ericson