Support at Semester’s End

By December 7, 2017News, Inspiration

We are nearing the end of the semester, which can be a very stressful time for all. If you are having any anxiety, talk to your professors. They want to help. Make it a priority to keep yourselves healthy. The counseling center is very busy at this time of year, but they exist to support you:

At the start of the semester,  departmental priorities for students were defined in order of importance:

  1. Your Health and Wellness
  2. Your Family (however you define it) and their Health and Wellness
  3. Your Academics (including rehearsals & performances)

Yes, take care of your health and family before your academics.  This does not mean you get an automatic “A” when you prioritize appropriately, but when you communicate with faculty, they can review and consider the academic implications of your situation.

Stay healthy. Make time for healthy meals, drink plenty of water, minimize or eliminate alcohol and other altering substances, and get enough sleep. Build breaks into your schedule, be active- workout, dance, or just walk around campus with a friend. Do something free and fun, like the study break in the Masque lobby this Sunday at 3pm!

See your professors. If you are anxious in general or confused/unsure about any course material, assignment, or preparation for a final exam, see your professor as soon as possible. Theatre faculty are not always in their offices at this time of year- working on their own end-of-semester obligations. Email them and they will get back to you with a time to meet.

Ask your friends for their support. Help each other stay healthy and agree to respect each other’s wellness and work priorities.

Manage your time. Break your work up into manageable chunks of time and vary what you’re doing. Take breaks, but try not to procrastinate.

Talk to your advisor (Shannon Skelton). Talking things over with your advisor can help put things into perspective, and he can advocate on your behalf.

Don’t be afraid to see Counseling Services. Any Theatre faculty member will be happy to walk you over to Counseling Services if you don’t want to go alone. There is no shame in asking for help if you need it.

We are here for you! -K-State Theatre Faculty