Summer Update from Nichols Hall

By June 13, 2017News

Good afternoon, K-State Theatre students!

I hope you have all settled into a summer that is both fulfilling and…relaxing!

Chapman Theatre looks very different than it did when you left one month ago (photos will be posted soon), ¬†updates to the Purple Masque lobby have begun, KSTO has met to begin planning for next year’s events, and the faculty are working on their outside professional work and look forward to welcoming you back (in 69 days, but who’s counting?) to hear about your adventures!

Here are some dates to help with your 2017-2018 planning:

Fall semester begins Aug. 21

Fall Auditions: August 22-24

Spring Auditions: Nov. 14-16

Fall break: Nov. 20-24

Last day of fall classes: Dec. 8

Commencement: Dec. 8-9

Finals: Dec. 11-15

Spring semester begins Jan. 16, 2018

Spring break: Mar 19-23

Last day of spring classes: May 4

Finals: May 7- 11

Commencement: May 11-12

Be safe and happy and we’ll see you soon! -Jen Vellenga