Sign Up for KSTO Workshop Day

KSTO’s annual Workshop Day for high school students will take place the morning and afternoon of November 5 in conjunction with the final dress rehearsal for Sweeney Todd. KSTO would love for every theatre student to be involved in the day’s activities. The workshop and tours portion of the day will take place from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, with a 1:00 matinee dress rehearsal of Sweeney Todd. Any student involved can get excuse forms for any classes that they should need to miss.

KSTO is looking for workshop ideas from anyone who is interested in teaching or assisting in a workshop. Even if you do not know what you want to do during workshops, we would still love your help. Please comment below if you are interested in being a part of Workshop Day 2014, and please indicate if you have a particular workshop in mind.

  • Sandy Chastan

    I would love to help in any way that I could (in a not too strenuous way!).

    • Jennifer Vellenga

      bring cookies. 🙂

      • Sandy Chastan

        Okey-dokey! 🙂

  • Darrington Clark

    Sign me up to help with anything!

  • Kelly Urschel

    I’d be happy to help with just about anything! Let me know what I can do!

  • I can help out!

  • Gabby Browne

    Me me me

  • Emily White

    I’m interested in doing a stage management workshop, but I can only do the first time slot because of Sweeney.

  • Hannah Miller

    I’d love to do an audition workshop again this year. Any one who wants to collaborate, I’d love that too!

  • Dylan Rogerson

    I could do an acting workshop over Laban, and audition workshop or stage management workshop in slots that Hannah and Emily are not doing theirs.

    • Hannah Miller

      I’d be happy to collaborate with you Dylan and do the audition class together; I’m not involved with Sweeney so I have availability for all the times.

  • Kailynn Barnt

    I would live to help someone teach, and I am best at either acting or makeup/costumes, but I can do anything anyone might need.

  • George Wame Matthews

    I’d be happy to offer my wood streacher workshop again if you’d like.

  • Blake Cordell

    I would love to help out with a workshop, or however else I can!

  • Brooke Merriam

    I’d be happy to help that day in anyway possible!

  • Sarah Cate Boatman

    I would be happy to help anywhere I am needed!

  • Ellyn Calvert

    I would like to do an Improv workshop.

  • Mitch Ward

    I’ld love to help! I’ld really enjoy teaching a play writing workshop, but I don’t mind helping anywhere I’m needed.

  • Ben Deghand

    I would love to help! If I can teach a Viewpoints workshop that would be absolutely wonderful. I’d also love to work with anyone who knows how viewpoints works. Please and thank you!

    • Jennifer Vellenga

      Ben, I can help or give a refresher course beforehand for any students interested in teaching it.

      • Ben Deghand

        That would be absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

  • Katie Edgar

    I would love to help anywhere I am needed!

  • Kelli Young

    I’d love to help with whatever! 😀

  • Bethanie Bouray

    I’d love to help with either an improv or makeup workshop at any point during the day, or anything else needed as well!

  • Mallory Diekmann

    Cat Huck and I would love to do a cold reading workshop!

    • Mallory Diekmann

      Potentially a play on the 24 hour play festival in collaboration with Mitch’s playwriting workshop..?!

  • Devan Castle

    I would like to do a “Sound of Sweeney” workshop, but it would have to be the first/second workshop. It would also be very helpful if I could be in the theater for my workshop, because I really can’t do it without the space/equipment.

  • Nicholas James Schoonover

    I would like to do a dramatic interpretation of Slam Poetry workshop (sort of like forensics?) Jonah Ericson said he would assist me.

  • Clay Massingill

    Ah, it finally stopped bugging out. I already told you Logan but figured I would post, I’ll do a sense memory workshop.