Shepherdless Cast List

Shepherdless Cast List


Preacher – Tim Tarkelly


Sarai – Danielle Levings


Rebekah – Daijah Porchee


Anna – Ellen Burke


Daniel – Christopher Biek


Luke – Cody O’Hare


Sarai’s Mom – Sandy Chastan


Rebekah’s Mom – Angelica McKinnis


Rebekah’s Dad – Deontaé Hayden


Anna’s Mom/Sister-in-Law’s Partner – Katherine Boulanger


Anna’s Dad/Therapist – Nicholas James Schoonover


Daniel’s Mom – Katie Edgar


We will be in contact with you all soon about a rehearsal schedule. You will get your scripts during our first rehearsal.

  • Sandy Chastan

    I accept! Thank you!

  • Cody O’Hare

    I accept thank you!!

  • Nicholas James Schoonover

    Once again, I accept and am super excited! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Deontaé Hayden

    I accept. Thank You!