September Showcase!

Our school year is already in full swing, and it is already September! For you returners, you know what that means… it’s time for our September Student Showcase!

For our new theatre friends, you are probably wondering “what is a Student Showcase?!” Well, it is just what it says. Once a month students get together and perform for each other. You can do so many things! You can sing, play an instrument, perform a monologue, do a dramatic reading, tell jokes, do an interpretative dance, etc. Maybe you have secret powers that allow you to fly! Show us what you’ve got, what you’re passionate about! The possibilities are endless.

If you are still a little confused or overwhelmed, do not fret. The September Showcase performances are going to be returners, only. This will give you a chance to see what these evenings of happiness are all about. Also, after the performances we will have a Soapbox style Q&A with KSTO Officers, so come with your most burning questions!

The experience will take place The Purple Masque Theater on Wednesday, September 9th 10:30 p.m. to midnight.

Comment below to sign up! Remember, your performance must be no more than five minutes, and it is a first come first serve basis (usually around the first 15 acts to sign up).

So mark the date on your calendar, EVERYONE, and we will see you there!

~ KSTO Officers

P.S. The Q&A will replace Midnight Madness for the first showcase, save your “mad scripts” for the October showcase! (Once again, if you’re confused that is okay and good. All will be revealed young grasshoppers).

  • Nicole Casonhua

    Nicole Casonhua…Duet

  • Gabby Browne

    Mitchell Ward and Gabby Browne…. Something

  • Manfred Elocka

    Manfred Elocka..Monologue

  • Morgan Lynn Sterrett

    Morgan Sterrett-a song of some kind

  • Darrington Clark

    I’d like to do a song, may I have access to the sound system please? Thank you!

  • Drew George

    I’d like to do a monolougue about 6.5 min. I would also like sound. Thanks! <3

  • Kelli Jones

    I’d like to sing a little song for everyone 🙂

  • Nicholas James Schoonover

    Nicholas James Schoonover, slam poem 😁

  • Elizabeth Cook

    Ben Deghand and Lizzy Cook. A Pixar Short.

  • Sandy Chastan


  • Jonah Ericson

    A collection of short poems!! Definitely less than two minutes!

    • Jonah Ericson

      Ten minutes (thanks autocorrect 😏)

      • Mallory Diekmann

        Needs to be less than five minutes, my friend…!

  • Danielle Levings

    I would like to read a poem, if there is still room. Less than 5 minutes

  • Mark Young

    Mark Young: I’m Everything

  • Joe Sheppard

    Joe Sheppard. Interpretive dance to Locked Away by R City. I’ll use my phone for the music.

  • Amanda Moore

    So, somebody should tell me where the Purple Masque is actually located..