Research Project: Queerness & Body Art

My name is Jakki Forester, graduate student in communication studies, and I am working with Brandon Haddock, coordinator of the K-State LGBT Resource Center, on a research project looking at the intersection of queerness and non-surgical body modifications. We have IRB approval with the protocol number of #8635. 

So, what is this research project? We are looking for queer individuals who identify as non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgender who also have non-surgical body modifications, which include tattoos, piercings, scarring, and/or branding.

·      Do you only have one tattoo or piercing? We want to chat with you.

·      Do you only have piercings and no tattoos? That’s okay. We would still love to hear about your piercings.

·      Are your tattoos small? That’s okay – we still want to talk to you.

·      Do you have many large tattoos? Great, we want to hear from you.

·      Do you have a combination of many various styles of non-surgical body modifications? Fantastic. Let’s set up an interview.

From the literature we have read, there is limited, if any research, looking at this particular intersection, which makes being a part of this groundbreaking research worthwhile.

Please contact one of us to schedule an interview to talk about your tattoos, piercings, scarring, and/or brandings. Interviews only last about 30 minutes to one hour. No matter how many or how little tattoos, piercings, scarring, and/or brandings you have, we would still love to hear from you.

Please contact either Jakki Forester or Brandon Haddock to set up an interview:

Jakki Forester at


Brandon Haddock at

 Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you,

Jakki Forester