Our K-State Theatre Community

By July 8, 2017News

The impermanence of live theatre is beautiful and addictive. I like to think we strive to get better as artists, as humans, each time we put up another production. We repair the mistakes we’ve made in the past and we strive for a better, kinder future.

Our community is only as good as the lowest common denominator.

Forgive yourselves, forgive the mistakes of others. Strive to be better.

And please be kind. Especially on social media.

– Jen Vellenga

  • Sally Bailey

    Thank you, Jen, for this. It’s so important to remember that not only is art a process that develops over time, but life is also a process. We need to keep growing and working together to progress and improve. And blaming ourselves or others for mistakes or missteps only uses up energy that could be put to more useful purposes.