November Showcase Signups!

Hey Team!

Guess what!? It’s time to sign up for showcase again! The November Showcase is next Wednesday, Nov. 18th, at 10:30 p.m. in the Purple Masque Theatre.

This month’s theme is about celebrating why we are thankful for the arts, and the talents we all possess. Maybe there is a specific role that changed your method or life as an actor? Or a show that means the most to you? Whatever it may be, we want you to share it!

Student Showcases are open to anyone and everyone who would like to show off their talents. You can do anything you want! Read a poem, share a monologue, perform a dance, write a story, sing a song; anything at all!

Signing up is as simple as commenting below with your name and what you will be performing. The sign up cutoff is next Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. or the first 15 acts, whichever comes first. REMEMBER: performances must be 5 minutes or less!

And don’t forget that we end Showcase with MIDNIGHT MADNESS! This is a chance to present scenes you’ve written. You can write a scene anonymously and drop it on the stage when you arrive at the masque or if you’d rather not write you can perform! Just drop your name in a hat at the beginning of the night for the chance to act in the scenes your peers have written.

See y’all next Wednesday!


-KSTO Officers

  • Shannon Madden

    I would love to perform a song. 🙂

  • Sterling Matthew Oliver

    I’d like to perform a song, please! 😀

  • David Ollington

    I’d like to showcase Carolyn Fitzgibbons, senior Theatre Major with a Dance Concentration, in a dance, a solo titled “Decision,” an excerpt from WinterDance ’15.

  • Nicholas James Schoonover

    I would like to sing a song. I will need access to the sound board. Thank you so much!

  • Joe Sheppard

    I’m doing an interpretive dance to Adele’s “Hello@

  • Danielle Levings

    Chase Rossman and Danielle Levings- Rock and Roll

  • Darrington Clark

    Me – one song please

  • Mallory Diekmann

    Mallory Diekmann…some words

  • Drew George

    I’d like to sing a song. Thanks!!

  • Will Averna

    Hi! Ide like to perform a dance I choreographed if thats cool. 🙂