New Theatre Group Forming: Info Meeting Wed. @ 7 in Nichols 017

I am inviting ALL students to attend an informational meeting on a new theatre group forming. The group promotes and produces public readings of various texts: New Plays. Old Plays. Screenplays. Your Plays.

The meeting is Wed @ 7pm in Nichols 017.

Looking to direct a reading, act in a reading or just become involved in some unspecified way? Come to the meeting!

Is there some play you always wanted to see and hear performed? Come to the meeting!

Have a busy schedule this semester and can’t devote too much time, but still want to be involved? Come to the meeting!

Do you have some idea or concept for a reading that you have always wanted to produce? Come to the meeting!

Considering bingeing FRIENDS on Netflix Wednesday night? Make the right decision – the smart decision – and come to the meeting!

The goal of this group is to perform readings of works and to grant opportunities for students to explore the dynamics of readers theatre. These opportunities will help students develop skills as directors and performers. This group will promote theatre as a performing and literary art. The public performance of the text is secondary to the actual experience of exploring and learning the processes associated with script analysis, character development and vocal performance.

If you have any questions, ideas or comments or cannot make the meeting, please contact Shannon at or stop by his office in Nichols 141.

  • Shiana Tyler

    What if I really actually can’t come to the meeting but I am interested?

  • Shannon

    Swing by my office. I am glad you are interested!