Murder Mystery Needs Actors

By May 19, 2015Jobs, Theatre


Murder Mystery USA ( is sending out an actors’ call for young actors to perform in Seneca, KS … for a corporate client, before an audience of 200-300, on Saturday, July 11.

This is a paying gig, ($100 for characters, $50 for hitman) includes meal, and paid expenses.


Man, ages 45-60 – “tough guy” … organized crime type… “family first”

Woman, ages 45-60 – his wife, supportive but knows his business

Man, ages 20-34 – son-in-law … wants into the “business”.

Woman, ages 20-34 – his wife (daughter of “tough guy”).

Man, ages 20-34 – lounge lizard/singer type, partner to son-in-law.

Man/woman ages 20-60 – hitman


Email, or call 877-528-9020. Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery USA is a 30-year-old company, producing Murder Mysteries nationwide. For more information, visit Also producers of Murder Mystery Weekend, Inc.

Offices in New England, California and Texas.