KSTO Workshops Sign-Up

By October 28, 2015KSTO, Fall 2015, Workshops

Hey Team!

Whether you’ve had the opportunity to participate as a high schooler, volunteered at previous workshops, or this is the first time you’re seeing these words..GET EXCITED! Because two weeks from today, Wednesday, November 11th, is KSTO Workshop Day!

Workshops is a day where we invite high schoolers from around Kansas to come and see what being a theatre student at K-State is all about. Here is a general outline for the day:

8 a.m. – Schools arrive, we all eat donuts, and we have a brief meeting to overview the day.

9 a.m. – Students will go on guided tours through our three theatre stages.

10 a.m. – Students will break off into workshops of their choosing. There will be  two sessions, with six options per session (for a total of 12 different workshops).

Noon – Everyone breaks for lunch!

1 p.m. – Students are invited to watch A Christmas Carol’s final dress rehearsal!

The workshops include: monologue preparation, cold reading advice, physicality in acting, character movement, lighting techniques, improvisation, directing, playwrighting, stage management, vocal health techniques, stage combat, and behind the scenes of A Christmas Carol.

As you can see the day is packed, but packed with fun, and we need YOUR help! We need volunteers to run and assist each workshop, be tour guides, and be overall assistants for the day. (Keep your class schedule in mind, but know that no theatre classes will take place on workshop day)

If you would like to participate, please comment with your top three choices. (Make sure to denote whether you’d prefer to be the leader or the assistant in regards to running a workshop. As a workshop leader you will work with your assistant to create the workshop yourself!).

If you have any questions, please email Mallory (diekmann@ksu.edu)


KSTO Officers

  • Morgan Lynn Sterrett

    I could do anything behind the scenes CC until I have to go get ready for the show!

    • Morgan Lynn Sterrett

      Happy to lead or assist!

  • Kelly Urschel

    I would also be happy to help with behind the scenes of A Christmas Carol!

  • Tori Everett

    I could help with anything! I’d prefer to not lead anything, but I’m up for any of them!

  • Sterling Matthew Oliver

    I’d love to assist with tours or be an assistant during workshops! 🙂 (honestly, willing to do anything!)

  • Danielle Levings

    I can do Session 1 (unless we are called for Christmas Carol before the end of Session1). I would like to lead a workshop. Top choices:
    1. Monologue Prep
    2. Directing
    3. Character Movement

  • Jacob Edelman-Dolan

    I’d love to assist with
    1. Monologue preparation
    2. Cold reading
    3. Physicality in acting


  • Sam Massey

    I can do behind the scenes, vocal health, or cold reading advice! I could be a leader or an assistant for any of them.

  • Mara Atzenhoffer

    I can assist with tours, but also just be an assistant!

  • Blake Cordell

    If Playwriting doesn’t conflict with Christmas Carol, I would love to do that!

  • Taylor Rae Perez

    I would like to be an assistant with
    1) Cold Reading advice
    3) Stage Management
    3) Stage Management

  • Shiana Tyler

    I would love to assist with anything and help out in any way I can, really!

  • Madison Grace

    I’ll assist with anything!

  • Aubrey Renea Mann

    I can assist with anything you give me!

  • Katie Edgar

    I would love to volunteer! My top three would be…
    1. Directing
    2. Character Movement
    3. Stage Combat
    (I would have to leave when crew is called for Christmas Carol)

  • Elizabeth Cook

    I’d be happy leading tours! I could also do improv or stage management if you don’t get someone who has them as their #1 🙂

  • Gabby Browne

    I can literally help with anything. Monologue prep is probs more my speed but I’ll do anything you need.

  • Mark Young

    1. Improvisation (Could lead)
    2. Vocal techniques (Could co-lead)
    3. Stage combat (Could assist)

  • Audrey Artis

    I could help with monologue prep, or with the tours, or anywhere you need people.

  • Peighton Jamison

    I would be more than happy/willing to help out wherever it is needed!

  • Kelli Jones

    I would love to help give tours or be an assistant in any workshop!

  • Clay Massingill

    I can definitely help until I am called for crew at 11:30.
    Would love to help, lead, co-lead,
    2.physicality in acting
    3.monolouge preparation

  • Nicholas James Schoonover

    If it is still possible to sign up to help, I’d like to do tours or if anyone needs help with a workshop, I can help however needed. I’m willing to help with whatever!