KSTO Events!!

By December 7, 2017KSTO

Hello friends!

As dead week is such a stressful time, KSTO would like to reaffirm the mission of keeping this difficult time as a period to illustrate the powerful ability of our theatre community to come together in unity and camaraderie!

In an attempt to provide a platform for this unity and camaraderie, KSTO would like to make sure you all feel welcome to our events this week:

  1. Tonight, Thursday the 7th 5pm-10pm: open study hours in the Sandy Chastan Lobby — food will be provided, so come hang out, study (if you want), and spend time with friends.
  2. Sunday the 10th : Board game study break 3pm-6pm in the Sandy Chastan Lobby — come take a mental break and enjoy some time either playing board games or watching holiday films in the Purple Masque.

We hope to see all of you come to the Masque to have a safe and enjoyable time during this extremely challenging part of the semester!

All the best,

Jonah Ericson

KSTO President