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By December 10, 2017Internships

Over break, please consider pursuing an internship for Summer 2018! You should act on these over the break!

Internships – Is your resolution to get summer work or an internship in Theatre? Haven’t thought about it? Now’s the time! Start your search below. Also, don’t be hesitant to ask your fellow students and faculty. Internships and summer opportunities are where careers begin! Please use your faculty as resources to review your resume.

Also, don’t rule out crashing on a family member’s couch if you find an internship in a far flung area (like LA, NY or Chicago). You can make it work!

Resumes you say? Make sure you emphasize the skills that you have learned or are currently learning! Juggling, languages, instruments, dance, etc. all are worth mentioning. Googling a few will help you immensely.

Going home to live with family over the summer? Approach a local arts institution for an internship, volunteer opportunities or paid opportunities. All these experience will help build your resume and toolbox of practical skills to gain employment in the arts.

Internships and summer opportunities are where careers begin! It cannot be overstated the importance of seeking out internships – just ask other students! Search the MTD site for a list of students who had internships last year.


Theatre Activities for Winter Break – Don’t just binge NETFLIX again! Have fun, binge and learn!

  1. Explore online learning . . . for example, has all kinds of information on careers and productions.
  2. Theatre In Video: Volume I, BBC Shakespeare and KANOPY are all through Kstate Libraries and feature videos of productions as well as workshops on acting, tech and design.
  3. Youtube sites like Howlround, Playbill, National Theatre Discover,, etc. are interesting ways to learn and stay up to date with videos from theatre practitioners.
  4. Podcasts and videos offered by American Theatre Wing on WORKING IN THEATRE!
  5. Theatre Communications Group and American Theatre Magazine. Good resources!   . . . . . TCG has extensive listings of theatres across the nation. Find a few and see if they have internships!

There are many, many other sites.  Feel free to post in the comments section other opportunities (internships, videos, etc). you would like to share and we will continue to add to this list.

Get mobilized and spread your talents across the country!






Area Internships:



Out of State: (Auditions, auditions also via video)    (Jan Open Audition)!employment/c1wlb



A great summer read about internships:

Unpaid Internships or Getting Your Foot in the Door in the American Theater



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