Free McCain Tickets to Joe Goode Performance Group on Feb 22

Send an email to John Uthoff ( for your free ticket by this Friday, February 1st.

Todd Holmberg is generously offering all (Music, Theatre, & Dance) students complimentary tickets to the Joe Goode Performance Group performance of “The Rambler” on February 22 at McCain at 7:30 pm. As you may know, the JGPG is an ensemble on the cutting edge of blurring the lines between music, dance, and theatre. The ensemble members engage in dancing, singing, acting, and spoken word. The ensemble also collaborates with award-winning scenic artists, puppeteers, and costume designers. Here is more info:

Joe Goode Performance Group (JGPG) promotes understanding, compassion and tolerance among people through the innovative use of dance and theater, as interpreted by the artistic vision and work of Joe Goode. In Goode’s words:

We want to be a site for innovation, to take dance theater out of the traditional theater setting and to place it in a more living, breathing relationship to the viewer.

In 1979, Joe Goode began synthesizing a genre of dance theater that combined text, gestures, and humor with deeply physical, high velocity dancing. In 1986, JGPG incorporated with the mission of providing a support structure for Goode’s artistic work. Over the past 26 years JGPG has performed annually in the San Francisco Bay Area and has toured throughout the U.S. JGPG has appeared in Canada, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa, including the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theater in 1999.

Joe Goode has been recognized nationally and internationally as an innovator in the development of contemporary dance theater. Goode’s signature work, 29 Effeminate Gestures , was produced by PBS and aired nationally on “ Alive from Off Center. ” In 1995, Goode was one of the first ten choreographers to receive a prestigious National Dance Residency Program grant.

Joe Goode was named a United States Artists Fellow for 2008, one of only five national dance artists so honored. Goode was selected for his unflagging commitment to innovation and experimentation in dance/theater. In 2007 Goode received the prestigious John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship.

Goode has a 26-year history of creating new work. During the past several seasons he has been alternating between proscenium work and walk-through, multimedia performance installations as a way to open audiences’ minds to the limitless potential of where and how dance theater can be experienced. Humansville (2007) was an installation in which the audience was able to proceed through multiple rooms, encircled by video, dance and music, which wrapped around them in an exploration of the flailing, absurd condition of being human. The highly theatrical piece played to near sell-out houses for 12 performances.

Wonderboy (2008) was a collaboration with world renowned puppeteer Basil Twist. It was an unexpected tale of a peculiar superhero isolated by his gift of super sensitivity, in which Goode integrated yet another art form into his innovative cross-disciplinary work. 2009 saw Goode’s most ambitious undertaking to date – a site-specific installation at the Old San Francisco Mint. Traveling Light was a critical success, played to near capacity audiences, and was remounted for 28 performances in 2010.

Goode’s latest work, The Rambler (June 2011) continued his collaboration with Basil Twist, who designed both puppetry and scenic elements; Twist’s ingenious use of moving vertical and horizontal curtains caused a visually striking effect of constantly changing scope and perspective.