February Buddy-Case!

By January 31, 2018KSTO

LOVE! Isn’t it wonderful? SHOWCASE! Isn’t it equally wonderful? For our next showcase, grab a buddy you love and bring them to our February ‘Love Your Buddy Showcase’. Maybe sing a song together? Maybe do a dance? Maybe make a ventriloquist act and fight over who gets to be the dummy? Whatever it is, do it with a pal (possibly even a KSTO buddy if you’re so inclined). Bring friends, bring KSTO buddies, bring your aunt Carol. Let’s fill the Purple Masque with love for our Buddy-case on February 14th at 10:30 PM. Sign up by 3 PM on Wednesday, February 14th to get a spot to perform.


As always, madness will occur at midnight, so bring your scripts (enough for the actors needed)  and have them performed after showcase.


Until then, good afternoon, good evening and good night.