Hi friends, this is Brigid, KSTO Events Chairperson-

Auditions are over and the year has officially begun!

It’s easy to get bummed if you weren’t cast in a show, but don’t fret! There are plenty of other ways to get involved and hone your artistic skills throughout the year! So without further adieu here are some theatre-related opportunities you can be a part of:

Purple Readers Project: Purple Readers Project is a club that puts on readings of plays and musicals. From standing behind music stands reenacting Friends episodes to jumping on tables performing Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blogthere are opportunities for everyone to get involved. If you are interested in acting, directing (music directing too!), or even stage managing, this is a club for you! This is a fantastic opportunity for artists to come together and collaborate on a reading of a play or musical. Email Shannon Skelton at sbskelton@ksu.edu and like the Facebook page: Purple Readers Project for more information!

Writer’s Room: Writer’s Room is a group that gives students a chance to experience the process of collaborative professional writing. Each month, people write either serial or one-off scripts that are edited and performed. If you are interested in writing or acting in new works, this is the place for you! Email ksuwritersroom@gmail.com and like the Facebook page: KSU Writer’s Room for more information.

Ebony Theatre: Ebony Theatre works to expose the community to black theatre, and the rich and complex literary heritage of African Americans. It was created to feature the work of African American playwrights or pieces specifically about the struggles associated in the lives of African Americans. It is also one of the only collegiate theatre companies in the region devoted to this cause. Connect with them through their Facebook page: K-State Ebony Theatre for more information.

On The Spot Improv: On The Spot is the improv troupe at Kansas State University. This group performs every week in Forum Hall and aims to create interesting scenes that are made up…on the spot. If you want to develop new characters that you can use in theatre, sharpen comedic timing, or just have the chance to perform in a different way, step right up! Auditions for the troupe are Thursday, August 31st at 8 PM. For more information about showtimes or ways to get involved, check out the Facebook page: On The Spot Improv or email them at otsimpov@gmail.com.

Drama Therapy Productions: The Drama Therapy Program is putting on shows at elementary shows around Manhattan. It’s a great way to get involved in theatre in a different setting! Contact Sally Bailey at sdbailey@ksu.edu for more information about this!

Crew a Show: Another wonderful way to get involved in productions is by being a crew member on a show. There is always a need for people to help with wardrobe and run crew. Maybe you’ve been wondering how quick changes work, maybe you have an interest in how the props get to the right place each performance, or maybe you just want to get a look behind the scenes of a show. Whatever the case, becoming a crew member is an awesome opportunity to learn about the technical side of theatre and meet other people in the K-State theatre community! Contact Ben Stark at benstark@ksu.edu to get involved.