Enrollment Advising Spring 2018

By October 3, 2017News

Hi All,

Well it’s that time again. Time to consider the classes you are going to take in the Spring! This is truly an exciting time of the year! This is a long POST, so please read carefully as I am trying to answer a few questions you may have.



*Before we do anything, please review this document. It outlines my duties and your duties when it comes to advising: http://www.k-state.edu/undergradstudies/advising/14878_AcademicAdvisingSyllabus_9_sw.pdf

*Also, ANY paperwork you may need – degree plans, grids for class scheduling, suggested sequence of courses, study abroad info, is located on the Theatre Advising bulletin board outside my office in 141 Nichols.


So, we can do this two ways . . . the first, you come in and meet with me and we review classes and your DARS and then you can set up another appointment to get you formally enrolled. OR, you can come in with all your classes loaded in your cart and ready to go and I lift your flag. If you want to load classes into your cart before we meet, the step-by-step process is below.

For those that are new – or have forgotten over the last semester – to enroll in classes, you must meet with your advisor (me) and I remove the “flag” from your enrollment that allows you to enroll. As I have 90+ advisees, it is really important that you follow the steps below BEFORE meeting with me. These steps will show you how to find out what classes you need and to place them in your shopping cart.

1. Go to the main KSU page. Click on KSIS. Log-in and go to your Student Center.

2. Locate your enrollment date and time. Make a note of it in your calendar. This is the earliest that you will be able to enroll. You are going to want to meet with me BEFORE that date.

3. Now, find out if you have any holds in your Student Center. You will have an advisor flag hold, but we will take care of that during our meeting. Holds are often placed there by the library, financial aid, etc. Get these cleared before seeing me.

4. Still in your Student Center, find your DARS – it may be listed under REPORTS, depending on your interface. Open up your DARS, run it, and save it to your desktop. Keep it open as you will need to consult it.

5. Open up a new tab. Get back into KSIS and your Student Center again. Now, pull up your Shopping Cart. It may be under Enrollment for you. Keep this tab open or minimized.

6. In a new tab, go to https://courses.k-state.edu/schedules.html

Make sure you are consulting the right course listing! Spring 2018! This is the listing for the classes. Keep this open in a tab.

7. Now, go back to your DARS and look and see what classes you will need to take. I would suggest trying to find a balance between “fun” classes and “rigorous” classes, depending on your academic inclination. I would suggest trying to knock out your General Ed classes along with 1 Theatre class. I would suggest taking the required English or Philosophy class, a Social Science class and a math or hard science class. If you are pursuing a language make sure you enroll in the next class in your language sequence.

8. Now go back to the schedule. Start sifting through the offered classes. If you find a class that works for you – meaning it helps meet one of the requirements from the DARS – copy and paste the 5 digit number into your shopping cart. If you see a class that may work as a viable back-up, make note of it as well. This is important.

9. Make sure you place a minimum of 12 hrs. into your cart if you plan on being full-time.

10. Also, make sure you have back-up/alternative for each and every class. Write down the 5 digit number for the alternative. Classes fill up quickly. Alternatives are always wise to have.

11. Finally, make sure you have no conflicts with days/times for classes.

For me to lift the advisor’s flag so that you enroll, you MUST meet with me. At that meeting you MUST (1) bring in your DARS either printed or on a tablet/computer (not a phone) and (2) YOU MUST have placed at least 12 hrs. into your shopping cart. If you have not done these, I will not be able to lift the flag.

Now, if you want to come in and discuss possible classes for you to take – and learn about the classes – we can do that as well! Actually, the sooner, the better! You don’t have to have anything prepared. We can just chat and look over the classes. That’s the fun part! You will have to come back to enroll after you pick out your classes, but I can definitely review them with you and decipher your DARS.

How do I make an appt? Just click here http://shannonblakeskelton.acuityscheduling.com

These are 10 minute appts., so please be on time so I can get everybody in. You can do back-to-back if needed.

If you have any questions for me, e-mail me at sbskelton@ksu.edu

If you are having a hard time with KSIS and computing issues, please contact the KSU IT Services Help Desk at http://www.k-state.edu/its/helpdesk/ . Calling them usually works the best.

I look forward to hearing from everyone . . . remember, you can always set up an appointment to just talk about ‘things’! I love to hear from students and it is much more engaging than enrollment!