Thank you to all who auditioned- we were so impressed with your level of commitment this semester.  If you are not cast, please remember there are many ways to be involved in the theatre program.  You are encouraged to talk to your professors to see how you may participate!

If you are cast, please comment below to accept your role. Once you have permission, enroll in THTRE 566 A (0 credits if you do not need it in your course work).


by Syl Jones, directed by Jerry Jay Cranford

First rehearsal: Jan. 7, 2017; 6-9pm, Purple Masque Theatre

Tech Begins Jan. 28; opening night: Feb. 1; closing night: Feb. 11

Kirby (stage manager) will be sending you information about being measured in the Costume Shop on Nov. 27 or 28.


Sandy Rogers – Khalil Odums

Buster – Donovan Watts

Mused – Gary Hackett III

Jimbo – Dan Marcus Harris Jr.

Mr. Siles/Mr. Williams/Patron – David Grigsby Jr.

Gravitte/Carny/Patron/Man 1 – Aaron Rojas

Eugene /Billy/Man 2/ Herm – Nich Elliott


Aunt Hager Williams – Alexis Cushshon

Sister Jackson – Kenedi Kelley

Annjee Williams – Miranda Watson

Tempy Siles-Williams – Tiffany Horne

Harriett Williams – Chelsea Turner

Willie-Mae – Alexis Burns

Mrs. Rice/Teacher – Morgan Grote

Rose – Emma Price

Georgia – Shiana Tyler

Patsy/Mary (Caucasian) – Janae Schulte


by Qui Nguyen, directed by David Mackay

First rehearsal: Feb.26; Chapman Theatre

Tech begins April 13, opening night: April 19, closing night April 29

TILLY EVANS – Katelin Woods

AGNES EVANS – Brooke Merriam

CHUCK – Gage Stielau

MILES – Sam Neel

LILITH – Morgan Sterrett

KALIOPE – Jessica Bellefleur

ORCUS – Grant Rogers

VERA/SUCCUBUS – Brigid Reilly

STEVE – Cody O’Hare



By Blake Cordell, directed by Trace Campbell

First rehearsal: February 19; 7-10pm at the Purple Masque. Note that this will most likely be our normal time to rehearse, M-F.

Tech begins April 6, opening night: April 12, closing night: April 15

Congrats. Keep good vibes flowing.

Arty – Michael Duncan

Gray – Brett Boline

Jeremy – Ian Boyd-Duncan

Roger – Jonah Ericson

Frankie Stackman – Lauren Taylor

Natalie Stackman – Elizabeth Kritikos

William Stackman – Evan Heger

Sage – Ceslie Parker-Waller

Henry – Drew George

Claire – Alicia Monceaux

From Trace:

We’d like to thank everybody that came to auditions. We had 22 people come and 10 roles to fill. Needless to say it was hard to cast. But please note that even if your name is not on the list that doesn’t mean you didn’t do a great job. We saw a lot of effort and brave souls out there. Don’t forget that you rock.

AN AMERICAN IN BEIRUT a musical (stage reading)

By Alex Wakim & Jonah Ericson, directed by Jennifer Vellenga

First rehearsal: Feb. 12, 7-10pm, Purple Masque Theatre

Opening night Feb. 23; closing night Feb. 24

Jack – Noah Lindquist

Anna – Lauren Taylor

Nabila – Kelly Urschel

Elie – Gage Stielau


Samantha Williams

Morgan Sterrett

Drew George

Hunter Nelson


Devised work by Ashley Barrow

Ashley will be holding another audition at the start of the spring semester and encourages all who auditioned to please return!


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