Thank you to all who spent the week auditioning in Nichols Hall!  We had a great turn out and lots of enthusiasm for the upcoming semester of work. Please comment below to accept your role or initial next to your name on the physical callboard in Nichols Hall. Members of the casts of Bustown and YCTIWY please visit the costume shop to be measured ASAP, after break.

Shows are listed in order of performance date:


by Joanna Abilama || Directed by Sally Bailey

Jan. 29-31, 2015 Purple Masque Theatre

Sally Bailey will be in touch soon.

Dunia — Ellen Burke

Double — Samantha Hindle

Nawal — Erica Ruscio

Sara — Olivia Bennett

Mother — Meghan Misenhalter

Doctor/Student — Katie Sigman

Aminia — LaVonne Canfield

Student/Other Woman — Mary Wahlmeier

Father — Tim Tarkelly

Male Chorus (Various roles) — Mark Hay

David Burdett




by Lachlan Philpott || Directed by Jennifer Vellenga

Feb. 5-7 & 12-15, 2015 Chapman Theatre

Thank you to everyone who auditioned.  Rehearsals will be held Monday-Friday 10am-4pm January 5- 16. Once classes begin, rehearsals will be Sunday-Thursday from 7-10 PM. Kristin Kelley will be in touch with a specific rehearsal schedule. Please visit the costume shop to be measured ASAP.  If you need assistance with housing before the dorms open, please email Jen Vellenga at KCACTF will not conflict with rehearsals.

1st Rehearsal: Monday Jan. 5th at 10:00am; Location: TBA

Sylvia- Cat Huck

Faith- Danielle Levings

Jude- Brooke Merriam

Cressida- Lizzy Cook

Torana- Kelli Young

Corolla- Madison Plouvier

Axel- Sam Johnson

Cedric- Ben Deghand

Stranger- Clay Massingill

Punkbird X- Deontaé Hayden

Punkbird Y- Blake Cordell

Punkbird Z- James Sherwood


By the Way, Meet Vera Stark

By Lynn Nottage || Directed by Hannah Miller

Feb. 19-22, 2015 Purple Masque Theatre

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! Cast- please pick up your scripts in the Music/Theatre/Dance Office before our first rehearsal. We will be having a couple of meetings before Christmas break for table work. Tentatively December 7th-9th. Our stage manager will email you with more details about the rehearsal schedule after you accept your role. Expect a Sunday – Thursday rehearsal schedule at the start of the semester.

1st Rehearsal: Sunday Dec. 7th at 7:00pm; Location: TBA

Vera Stark: Daijah Porchia

Gloria Mitchell: Gabrielle Browne

Leroy Barksdale/ Herb Forrester: Darrington Clark

Lottie McBride/ Carmen Levy-Green: Angelica McKinnis

Anna Mae Simpkins/ Afua Assata Ejobo : Nicole Casonhua

Mr. Slasvick/ Brad Donovan: Drew George

Maxmillian Von Oster/ Peter Rhys-Davies: Rain Schultz-Prunner



By Jessica Munoz || Directed by La Vonne Canfield

March 6-7 Purple Masque Theatre

La Vonne Canfield will be in touch soon.

Cat Huck

Darrington Clark

Drew George

Joanna Abillama

Kellye Serna

Madison Plouvier

Nicole Casonhua

Sam Johnson



By Jessie Greenfield || Directed by Cory Jennett

March 6-7 Purple Masque Theatre

Preacher – Tim Tarkelly

Sarai – Danielle Levings

Rebekah – TBA

Anna – Ellen Burke

Daniel – Christopher Biek

Luke – TBA

Sarai’s Mom – TBA

Rebekah’s Mom – TBA

Rebekah’s Dad – TBA

Anna’s Mom – TBA

Anna’s Dad – TBA

Daniel’s Mom – TBA

Sister-in-law – Katherine Boulanger

Therapist – Nicholas James Schoonover

We would like the following people to return for readings to be announced soon:

Deontaé Hayden

Angelica McKinnis

Meghan Misenhelter

Cody O’Hare

Clay Massingill

Katie Sigman


No Exit

By Jean Paul Sartre || Translated from French & Directed by Logan Jones

April 16-18, 2015 Purple Masque Theatre

First rehearsal: March 1, 2015 at 7:00 pm


Garcin- Sam Johnson

Le garçon – Ben Deghand

Estelle – Peighton Jamison

Inès – Morgan Sterrett


You Can’t Take It With You

by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart || Directed by Ross Evans

April 23-25 & April 30-May 3, 2015 Chapman Theatre

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Rehearsals will be held Sunday-Thursday from 7-10 PM. Emily White will be in touch with a specific rehearsal schedule. Please visit the costume shop to be measured ASAP.

First rehearsal: March 22, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Penelope Sycamore – Kelsey Coffroth

Essie – Kelly Urschel

Rheba – Chloe Pyle

Paul Sycamore – Jonah Ericson

Mr. De Pinna – Cory Jennett

Ed – Mitch Ward

Donald – Cody LaCrone

Martin Vanderhof – Clay Massingill

Alice – Mallory Diekmann

Henderson – Matt Stanley

Tony Kirby – Darrington Clark

Boris Kolenkhov – Michael Bugner

Gay Wellington – Sandy Chastan

Mr. Kirby – Mark Young

Mrs. Kirby – Dani Golway

The G-Men – Sean Matthews, Raffael Vicente

Olga – Tori Ptacek



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