Cast Lists Fall 2017

By August 25, 2017Fall 2017 Auditions

Please comment below to accept your role or initial the cast lists posted in Nichols Hall to the right of the 129 office.

INTO THE WOODS directed by Jerry Jay Cranford


Narrator: Sterling Oliver

Cinderella’s Father/Mysterious Man: Cody LaCrone

Jack: Evan Brandt

Baker: Cooper McGuire

Wolf/Steward: Sam Massey

Milky White/Footman : Anthony Bandy

Rapunzel’s Prince: Willie Michaels

Cinderella’s Prince: Noah Lindquist


Rapunzel: Samantha Williams

Cinderella: Lauren Taylor

Jack’s Mother: Brooke Merriam

Cinderella’s Stepmother: Lucero Padilla

Florinda: Christian Kennedy

Lucinda: Ashleigh Tysick

Baker’s Wife: Kelly Urschel

Little Red Riding Hood: Morgan Sterrett

Witch: E.H. Petropulos

Cinderella’s Mother/Red’s Grandmother /Giant: Charlotte Benjamin

BECKY SHAW directed by Jonah Ericson

Max – Cole Rockhold

Andrew – Nate Kochuyt

Suzanna – Breana Tiffany

Becky – Christine Paswe

Susan – Savannah Smith

Please see EH in the costume shop asap in order to get measured. Please pick up your scripts from McCain 109 by 4:30pm today (Friday). Becky Shaw‘s first rehearsal is in the Purple Masque at 6:30pm on Sunday, August 27, 2017. 

THE EFFECT directed by Peighton Jamison

Thank you to all those who came out to audition! 

Rehearsal will be Sunday-Thursday 7-10pm. First rehearsal for The Effect will take place on Monday, Sept. 18th. 

Performances are on October 26th-29th and tech will take place the weekend before.

Connie: Daijah Porchia

Tristan: Jacob Edelman-Dolan

Dr. James: Elizabeth Kritikos

Toby: Skyler Lindquist

If you have any conflicts with any of these dates or times, please let me know! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

STAGE READING: F*CKING A directed by Aubrey Mann

Thank you to everyone that came and auditioned. F*cking A rehearsals will start September 4th and will be Mon-Thurs 630-1030pm (though a few days will be shorter). The one performance will be September 15th and there will be no tech rehearsals. If you have conflicts with the times or dates or have general questions please email Aubrey Mann ASAP at

Hester- Daijah Porchia

Butcher- Kowan Russell

Monster- Gary D. Hackett III

Canary Mary- Serena Herrera

Mayor- Jacob Edelman-Dolan 

First Lady- Charlotte Benjamin

Ensemble (roles will be discussed in first rehearsal)

Miranda Watson

Arlene Sarahi Ruiz

Victor Romo

David Grigsby Jr.

Dan Harris

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO AUDITIONED for fall semester productions.  Watch the MTD callboard for other opportunities this semester! The spring semester auditions will be November 13-15, 2017. 

  • Noah Lindquist

    Thank you, I accept.

  • Jacob Edelman-Dolan

    I, graciously, accept both of my roles.

  • Willie Michaels

    I accept, thank you!

  • Lauren Taylor

    Thank you so much! I accept!

  • Joey N’ Tanya Thurn

    I accept a million times!!!

  • Sam Massey

    I accept.

  • Anthony Bandy

    Please and Thank you! I was born for this role ♥

  • Ashleigh Tysick

    I accept! Thank you!

  • Lucero Padilla

    I accept! Thank you!

  • I accept! Thank you <3

  • Brooke Merriam

    I accept! Thank you!

  • Miranda Watson

    I accept

  • Sterling Matthew Oliver

    I accept.

  • Cole Rockhold

    I accept a million times!

  • Charlotte Benjamin

    I accept my roles!! Thank you!

  • E.H. Petropulos

    I accept!!!!!!!

  • Christian Kennedy

    I accept my role!!! Crying, Thank You!

  • Cooper McGuire

    I accept! Very excited to get started!

  • Victor Romo

    I accept. Thank you!

  • Kelly Urschel

    I accept!!

  • Samantha Williams

    I accept! So excited!!

  • Elizabeth Kritikos

    I accept!!

  • I accept! Thanks