April Student Showcase: April 9

By April 7, 2014Student Showcase

Our next student showcase will be Wednesday, April 9 in The Purple Masque at 10:30pm.

Please remember that Showcase can only accommodate about 50 minutes of talent, so it will be first come, first served. Please sign up ASAP to ensure ease in organization and planning.

Showcase is an opportunity to perform anything that you have wanted to work on or “showcase” in front of an audience. Sing, play an instrument, dance, try out a new monologue, or perform a stand-up routine. This is a great way to practice for auditions, perform a scene you are rehearsing in class, or just have fun performing. All types of talents are encouraged to join.

To sign up please leave a comment on this post and tell us:

Your name.
The piece you will be doing.
How long your piece will be.
If you need anything (i.e. sound, acting blocks, etc.) Also, don’t forget about MIDNIGHT MADNESS!

The K-State Theatre Midnight Madness Series is a tradition that began long ago at K-state, but unfortunately over the years it was lost. This year, we have brought its magic back. Midnight Madness is where new works can be developed and writers can experiment with a live audience- in real time. It is a fusion of the functionality of new play readings with the excitement and unpredictability of a live improv comedy/sketch show. The Madness is for everyone. Majors, non-majors, actors, non-actors, writers or technicians; just not the faint of heart. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to write a script for Madness or to participate in the impromptu performing of a Madness script. Bring a friend (or ten) and buckle up!



  • Matt H

    Matt Harrison
    Improvised Electronic music, a bit different from my previous performances
    Four minutes max.
    Four acting blocks or a table for equipment

  • Nicholas Cady

    Nicholas Cady, Kelli Jones, Sydney Normile
    Humorous Pop Song
    3 minutes max

  • xaviator1313

    Xavier Strong
    Guitar and vocals

  • Donovan Woods

    Donovan Woods

  • Joe Sheppard

    I am doing an interpreted dance to all of me by John legend.

    • Joe Sheppard

      It’s about 4-5 minutes.

  • Cory Jennett

    Cory Jennett
    A forensics piece
    9-10 minutes
    A small table

  • camaupin@ksu.edu

    Alex Maupin
    Spoken word
    6-7 minutes

  • Ellyn Calvert

    Dog Sees God will be doing a short preview