April 8 – Student Showcase

​ Student Showcase is an opportunity to perform anything that you have been wanting to work on or “showcase”.
To sign up please leave a comment with your name, the piece you’re working on, and how long it is. We’ll take the first 10 or so performers to sign up in an effort to finish up around midnight. Also, please put on the comment anything you would need, i.e. sound, acting blocks, etc.
To allow as many students as possible to take advantage of this opportunity, there is a limit of one performance per student per Showcase.
Sign-up is open until 8:00am the day of Showcase.

This is a great way to practice for auditions, present a scene you are rehearsing in class, or just have fun performing.
All talents are encouraged to join, such as singing, acting, directing, dancing, poetry, instrumentals etc.

Another great way to get involved is to write a script or short scene! We’ll find people to read it! You can sign your work or leave it anonymous! Just bring it in and leave it on the edge of the stage.

The next showcase will be April 8 at 10:30pm in Chapman Theatre in Nichols Hall. Even if you are not performing come and support your friends who are and enjoy a free show.

  • Chase Rossman

    Chase Rossman wants to play some trombone!

  • Michael

    Michael Bugner. I would like to present a scene from a play I’m writing and get some audience feedback.

  • Drew George

    Drew George. I’d like to do a monolougue it’s probably 3-5min

  • Morgan Lynn Sterrett

    The No Exit cast will be performing something

  • Danielle Levings

    Danielle and Jonah are going to do a scene

  • Chloe

    I will be singing. Nate will accompany me so I will need a piano

  • Hannah Miller

    Hannah and Darrington would like to sing. We would need use of the sound system.

  • Cat Huck

    im doing something

  • Nicholas James Schoonover

    I will be performing something…. Probably a slam poem…

  • Joe Sheppard

    I’m going to do an interpretive dance to Ellie Golding “love me like you do”